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These are my deviations, hope ya like.^^

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Frito The Bearded Dragon by PandaPawzZz
Frito The Bearded Dragon
Yes, I was bored and made a fire breathing bearded dragon with a cool flame mane. xD

Yeees, his name is Frito. XD
Oba by PandaPawzZz
Lol, this is a cat/bat/lion creature. xD I honestly don't know what my thoughts were when creating this. XD

Her name is Oba. I didn't feel like giving her any poses, so I just have her standing neutrally. xD

Anyways, I had nothing better to do, since I am off college today. XP So, have a humanoid cat/bat/lion hybrid. XD She has plain clothes, so nothing special there. XD

I decided to do a background, so it's just a gradient bland looking background with some sparkley sparkles all over the place. xD
Oh, Hello There by PandaPawzZz
Oh, Hello There
Heey I made another OC.

Her name is Yulon and she is a dragon shifter. Meaning that she can shift into 3 forms: a full dragon, half human half dragon hybrid (as you see in this picture), and just a full fleshed human being. 

Nothing specific came to mind when making this, just a random thing I wanted to make. XD I kind of just wanted to make hybrid characters and this is one of them. I may make more of my own dragon shifter characters when I feel more motivated. All of my motivation went to this OC, so I'll have to wait until I can come up with more unique characters. xD

But yeah.. this is the result.. and I decided to make a background because it would feel blank if I just left it transparent. XP

So! Here is lil Yulon! And yes, she is quite short. XD She would probably be about 5"2.. maybe.. yeah. XD At least in her hybrid and human form. As a dragon, she would be much bigger, like an average sized dragon would, I suppose. XD And boy, does she love wearing ripped jeans. XD That's a thing about her, she doesn't care if a little rip is made on clothing, she will still wear it. XD And she doesn't care about getting mud on her, so she would be your average tomboy girl. cx Well, except she isn't average considering her shifting powers. xD

Okay, I'm gonna leave it at that, and maybe, hopefully soon I will have more art made. Though, it's going to be even more slow of a process than normal for me to get stuff done, because guess what? I have freaking college tomorrow! My first day and I just realized I got the wrong book for US History, so I'm gonna have to straighten that out and get the right book. xD What's worse is that class is what I go to first thing. XD Just my luck. xD
Some of My Beanie Babies by PandaPawzZz
Some of My Beanie Babies
EDIT: Omg, so many typos I had to fix. DX I wrote this out with my Samsung Galaxy tablet, soo yeah. XD I apologize for the mediocre spelling errors, I tried fixing as many of them I saw. XD

Ah, yes, I thought I show you some of my beanie babies. cx

I actually have way more collections of beanie babies, but these are the ones with the big glittery eyes that I love sooo much. X3 I am a total sucker for these little guys. XD

Okay, so the story is that I went to go and get my picture taken for my ID card that I was given after the picture was taken so I could use it for college. After that I went to get my books for my classes that I will be starting next week.

So after finishing all of that up, we thought (my mom drove me btw 'cuz I am still working to get my license) to go and look around at these stores that are all beside each other. There was this new store that opened up not very long ago called 'Five and Below' which is, of course, a store that sells things for no more than at least $5.00. I had planned to just look around, and so we did. They had some good stuff in there like shirts with pictures and messages on them and posters to put on your walls, and guess what else they had.. freaking beanie babies. And that was what drove me to spending most of my time looking at the many selections of cute and adorable bug eyed creatures. XD I debated and decided to buy one, so there was this little polar bear and I wanted it. But then.. no... I didn't just want ONE but TWO, then it just lead up to FIVE frigging beanie babies I ended up buying that added up to $27 since they were each $5 a piece including the tax. I ended up buying a polar bear, a brown bear, and even a panda! XD One of my favorite type of bears. XD Then I got a Siberian tiger and a blue penguin. cx

Oh yeah, that pug at the end on the left side, I just wanted to add it in since it was also a beanie baby. XD I believe I got it at a yard sell a long time ago. cx

Lol, here's something, on the far right at that pink, gray, and white sugar glider, it isn't actually a beanie baby. XD But it looked like one. It actually goes along the franchise of Yoohoo and Friends.But I wanted to add it in the picture, just because. XD

So, the brown bear, panda, polar bear, Siberian tiger, and penguin I just bought today. The pug and sugar glider, I had for awhile now. cx

I suppose I will list what their names are from their name tag from left to right: Pugsly, Brownie, Ming, Arctic, Tundra, Ice Cube, aaaand.. I dunno what the sugar glider's name is since it isn't a beanie baby and I didn'the see a name for it on the tag.

Oh well, I hope you liked these little cuties. XD I thought I actually post something, even if it isn't art related. XD

And cudos to you if you read all of this jumbled up mess. XD

Have a great day or evening! XD
Poka Penguin by PandaPawzZz
Poka Penguin
This is my new OC that is a penguin. XD She was made on Last Moon (Impressive Title server) who recently got an update that now has playable penguins! : D

I love her! >w<


PandaPawzZz's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am now known as PandaPawzZz.

Oookay! I'ma start fresh on my info about me, since I haven't changed it for the year I first joined DA, so here I go!

Hi! My name is Chrissy, and on here, I go by pupgirl17 or you can call me "pup", which ever is better. Now as you can see by observing my drawings and other creations, I LOVE art, I mean I am crazy about it! That's all I have been doing ever since I was a toddler, and I figured out my talent of drawing, now I believe my love of drawing was inherited from my father who in his free time would do painting on a canvas. He did it when he was young as well, so I figured that's how I cherish the love of arts. Except I mostly drew with a pencil and some crayons or colored pencils, but that's somewhat how I love creating.

I also do roleplays to do with anything I set my mind to, and I also turn them into stories (well same thing, haha) and make them seem life-like when reading them. Now, I indeed roleplay with friends on chat sites to make up our own stories, but what I really love to roleplay on where instead of imagining your character, you can actually BE the character and move around as them, which is a game where you can be a canine or feline, OR whatever you want your character to be even though you only have the canine and feline model, but of course that's where imagination takes its course. It is called Feral-Heart, best flippin' roleplaying game I ever played, I have TONS of characters, and my username on there is "pupgirl17", same as DA username.

Now, I also play video games also. My favorite genre of video games would have to be Shooter based, and where it involves killing zombies, I mean who doesn't?! Am I right? Haha, but yeah here are the zombie games that I have played: Dead Island, Left 4 Dead 2, Black OPs 2, etc.

Okay, enough chit-chat now, that's pretty much me, well bye!

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